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About Vic Schendel

Vic Schendel is a professional wildlife, nature, travel and outdoor adventure photographer living in Fort Collins, Colorado. His images have graced more than 425 front covers of well known magazines and publications including Field and Stream, Sports Afield, Bugle, Bowhunter, American Hunter, Petersen’s Bowhunting, Petersen’s Hunting, Sierra Club, Wyoming Wildlife, Colorado Outdoors, Cabela’s, Montana Outdoors, Bugle and Southwest Fly Fishing. Over the years, Vic’s reputation has grown to the extent that he is now recognized as one of the premier wildlife photographers in the United States, capturing stunning images of animals throughout the country and the world.

His work has been exhibited in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington DC and his pictures are collected by business’s and individuals alike. In the wildlife galleries you’ll see incredible images that mesmerize viewers with photos of elk, mule deer, whitetail, bighorn sheep, bison, bald eagles and other animals found in the remote regions of wilderness. His pictures viewed in the landscape galleries are known for their spectacular lighting and for capturing the essence of nature in all of its raw and unblemished beauty. An obsession for international travel combined with his eye for finding folks in interesting places and situations, allows for the sublime photography you’ll find in the people galleries. Call him passionate.

Where his experience blends with a burning drive called desire. Call his photography a new story waiting to be told, a new book to be read. Call his images rare, exciting and inspirational. His is a world where a strong heart and a sharp eye can seemingly reach a perfect balance. Actions and dreams foreseen in his mind, then rehearsed so that when the time is right that one incredible picture is taken. An unalterable resolve to constantly improve, Vic is driven by a passion bound for excellence. Imagine walking in his footsteps and learning about things you never knew. Come with him as he tells his stories and see the riches that surround us and know that there is absolute beauty in the world.

Award Winning Photography

Vic's work has been published in multiple magazines and has won multiple awards including Nature's Best Photography from the Windland Smith Rice International Awards Exhibition and a Yellowstone Forever Winner.