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A Colorado fine art photographer to the bone.

Vic Schendel has lived amongst the splendors of the western U.S. for most of his life. An outdoor photographer for many years, he is also a master of another type of fine art; photography was his second career after an award-winning span as a painter, when he used photographs as references for his oil paintings of wildlife and western subjects. Today, he still paints on occasion, but being outdoors with his camera has become his true passion.

Vic's love affair with nature began in scouting where he learned to respect and admire all that is wild. He became an Eagle Scout at 13 and backpacked, canoed, and hiked his way through many hundreds of miles of wilderness.

Vic Schendel photo of red fox

That life in the wilderness continues to this day. As a professional outdoor photographer Vic has found himself in slot canyons in Arizona, rafting the Big Hole River in Montana, and fishing a high country lake in Colorado, always with camera and tripod in tow. Like those days as an Eagle Scout, he loves to get lost in the wonders of the natural world: to walk empty beaches as thundering waves crash at high tide, to sit still for hours capturing wild creatures in their habitat, and to feel small among enormous redwoods.

Through fine art photography, Vic expresses the love and understanding of the natural world that he's had his whole life. Stand in front of one of his photographs, and you'll enter the realm of wilderness as seen through the eyes of an artist who is awed by his subjects. It is Vic's wish to share his incredible moments and his passion for the wild with you, the viewer. Capturing the moments that make Vic's prints so magical requires a lot of patience…and a little luck. He's a fine art photographer who knows what it takes to snap the shots that make us feel we've been there too, right beside him.

Vic has expanded his palette by traveling the world, having lounged with lions on safari in Namibia and zipped through the jungles of Costa Rica on a canopy tour. An outdoor photographer forever, his plans for future travel are endless.

Vic lives in Fort Collins, CO with his significant other of many years and his stepson, both of whom accompany him on many of his adventures.

A Special Message From Vic

You now know a little about who I am. But who are you? You are some of the most important people in my life and I am embarrassed that I don't know who most of you are. By purchasing my photographs, you have helped me succeed in fulfilling a dream that everyone told me was impossible. For that, I offer my sincerest thanks. –Vic."


People often ask how photography influences art. How, when photographic images first became available to people, did they begin to look at paintings differently, which up to then had been the best way to represent the natural world?

White Tail Buck

For Vic, the question is the opposite: how did his life as a painter influence his photographs?

A painter for many years before calling himself a photographer, Vic exploited the notion of how photography influences art by using photographs as references for his paintings. He would go hunting for the best vistas, the most exhilarating compositions, the wildest colors; then he'd capture them on film and take them home to paint.

Soon, though, people began to notice his "reference photos," and began to ask: "Can I have a copy of that?"

The evidence of art's influence on Vic's photos is clear in his portfolio.

The sense of sheer motion in composition.
The bold use of color and shape, even as abstract forms.
The artist's eye for selecting the best of nature's images to represent.


"Best Of Show" - Views of the West art show, Denver, CO

Greeley Independence Stampede

75th anniversary print and poster
1998 print and poster
1999 print and poster
1997 purchase award by the Stampede Commission

Western Horseman Magazine gallery February 1997


"You don’t take a photograph, you make it." - Ansel Adams

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